Monday, 27 February 2012

A game of thrones

In the mid nineties, George R. R. Martin published the first of his fantasy novels: A Game of Thrones.

I suspect he received a tiny advance, very little publicity and a great deal of satisfaction at having people begin to finally buy his novel.

Over a decade later and someone wants to buy the TV rights to what is now a series of books. His books now top the best seller lists and he has entered the Kindle sold a million club!

I started reading A Game of Thrones in February and I'm now hooked. I've found the first novel as readable as a John Grisham or dare I say JK Rowling. But this is fantasy for adults only. Violence, sex and language are all 18 rated. There won't be no kiddie covers for these books.

I don't normally read fantasy but this reads like any thriller. Multi threaded, well conceived characters, a world that is not too far removed from our own. I've just started the second novel and am struggling to put that down as well...

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