Monday, 21 May 2012

A goal without a plan is a wish

I've had the above statement as my email signature for over a year now. A fellow student on the Open University's Creative Writing course introduced it to me and it stuck in my head like a splinter.

I currently earn a living as an IT Contractor. The nature of my role is that I move from contract to contract, company to company, having to learn each time how the company operates; the politics; the stated and unstated objectives.

I take into this my previous contract and life experience; the skills and knowledge I've developed and have to find a way to apply what I know to enable me to achieve the contract or project goals.

It is often a struggle.

I am on holiday for a week having handed in my notice. Often I have been asked to work out my notice and take holiday pay to be added to my final salary payment. Usually I agree but this time I declined.

Although others on the project worked more weekends than I did; worked longer hours on a more regular basis - I needed the time off now far more than I needed the money.

I have set up my own company - Goal 31 Ltd. My company has signed it's first contract and I will start work in a weeks time.

Goal 31 is a goal I have struggled with way before I wrote it down in my 100 goals: To be and do all that God wants of me. I do not want the tag of being a Christian to be all that defines me. Yet - over the last year - I have achieved my original three life goals and that achievement has left me feeling empty.

Yesterday I sat through a challenging message preached by Graeme Sharp: Give money. Fast. The basic teaching of the New Testament. Give generously to the poor. Humble ourselves, giving up what we have to enable us to give more. For me it is a timely reminder of why I didn't choose Goal 78: Be earning £100,000 a year within 5 years; or Goal 16: To be a millionaire.

Money is not the aim of my new business venture. The purpose of Goal 31 Ltd is to allow me to continue to develop my skills and provide service to local businesses - large or small - and enable me to be all that God wants me to be and do all that God wants me to do.

Yet that statement is still too vague. At the moment that is a wish. For this to be a real goal, I need to develop a plan. A business plan!

Step one: Spend time this week developing that business plan...

As always, that particular step will be competing with some other planned activities relating to other goals...

This week I really want to see if I can write 5,000 words in one day. I'm planning to write 2,000 words today, 3,000 tomorrow etc.

I'm also intending to work up to being able to cycle 20 kilometres. More about that later...

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  1. Good goal/wish Mark! - and good luck with your plan-making! :-)