Monday, 30 July 2012

An inspiring Olympics

Are you inspired by the Olympics? This year I've been caught up in all the hype. Normally I'm mildly interested but tend to only catch the news highlights. Having the Olympics in the UK has brought the excitement home personally.

Starting at the end of July the Olympics have coincided with seasonal change for me. Holidays are a distant dream. (I only started back at work last week) I've felt low all year and wanted to do something, anything about it.

For a couple of weeks I've been considering setting myself a challenge: 100 days, 100 goals. Choosing some goals I both want to achieve and feel are achievable in that time.

One of the joys of having so many goals is the synergy that can appear when you least expect it.

This synergy is well documented yet I haven't often taken advantage of it. When I made the decision to get a career and signed up for night class I only had a vague plan. My wife gave me Tony Buzan's Use Your Head and in following his advice my life was transformed.

Over two years I regularly exercised and studied and grew in confidence and found I had more energy and drive than I thought possible.

So, what happened? I allowed other things to take priority over exercise and I'm suffering the consequences now.

I keep starting an exercise regime and have kept it up for months some years but never consistently or permanently. I want to improve that.

I checked my resting heart rate yesterday: 81! That is appalling! This is after a couple weeks of basic pull-ups and press ups. My stamina is shot. I used to have a resting heart rate of under 60. There is no reason I can't get back to that.

Do you feel you have enough energy?

Would you like to work at improving the energy you have with me over the next hundred days?

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