Wednesday, 1 August 2012

100 days, 100 goals

Day one

If you acted on yesterday's post then you have or are close to having 100 goals of your own.

You may want to tell everyone, Maybe you've even posted your list on Facebook or set up your own blog. If you have then fantastic. I had a lot of encouragement from friends and family when I created my 100 goals. We need encouragement and support. It is also a whole load more fun working towards and achieving goals with people you care about.

One word of caution (or a sentence or two...), don't expect the world to stop while you work towards your new goals. I've found balancing family commitments with working on goals to be a constant challenge. I often get it wrong. I'm trying to err more on the side of spending time with my family now after years of evening and weekend study towards my degree. That is time I can never get back with my kids. I want to make the most of the time I have left while they still are kids!

Some goals can and should wait.

The great thing about making an effort to write down so many goals is the patterns that start to emerge. Review your list. I found it helpful to transfer mine to a spreadsheet and start to group goals: travel; family; work related etc. You may be surprised at what you learn about yourself.

Take a step back though. What is really important to you? Have you identified your core goals? Ones that define you as a person; what you believe; who you believe in?

Don't be bound by your original 100 goals. I chose to keep mine initially but at some point I will review them and replace some with goals that I didn't originally consider. Having said that, after a few weeks I would advise resolving to keep your 100 goals for a year. At some point we have to focus and set our hearts on a direction.

At the weekend I signed up for the local 10K race. On 9th September I aim to run 10 kilometers for the first time.

My goal is to run and jog the entire distance but I am starting training later than I should and if I end up walking part then I will still have set a benchmark to try and beat next year.

I'm starting to read Paula Radcliffe's How to Run. Any advice though would be gratefully received.

I went out on Monday and managed 5K in 33 minutes. You can view my progress below:

I almost managed to jog half the distance. Walked the rest of the way. It is going to be tough to work up to running a whole 10K in six weeks but if I don't try, I'll never know if I can!

Do you have any exercise/fitness goals in your 100 goals?

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