Thursday, 30 August 2012

Generosity breeds... generosity!

You get back what you give. If I'm polite, respectful, kind or generous... it tends to foster similar behaviours towards me.

If I'm angry, careless, abrupt or greedy... I see less inclination for others to behave in a positive way towards me.

I woke up this morning to two examples of generous behaviour.

Joe Konrath posted on his blog that he is now offering all libraries to opportunity to buy his ebooks at a vastly reduced rate and enable them to lend those ebooks to multiple customers at the same time.

He is quite open about how he sees this as being of benefit to him but it is also an example of open and generous behaviour which I find quite inspiring.

Also, I received a recommendation from a former manager on LinkedIn. This was quite out of the blue, we haven't spoken in several years now, and I hadn't requested the write up.

I'm nervous about directly linking to the recommendation. I'm quite sure any really savvy employer could easily link my blog to my LinkedIn page (and I once had a manager tell me that he carried out Internet searches on applicants - is your Facebook account fully open to the public?) but in a society that is extremely hypocritical in its stated belief in diversity while also condemning anyone who dares to state a view contrary to closed and narrow opinions; I'm not sure how wise it would be.

Anyhoo, as stated above, generosity breeds generosity. I find myself motivated to be more generous...

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