Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Getting on track

I missed a trick yesterday, 20 days into the 100 day challenge, time for a milestone check.

Twenty days in, that's a fifth of the way. Only five more days till you hit one quarter and a few more until one third! I love numbers! They really help break down those long, monotonous tasks.

If you have taken up the 100 day challenge then twenty days in is a perfect time to review your 100 goals.

Have you set yourself a long term goal? How about short or medium term goals?

Have you achieved any of your goals? Did you celebrate? Whether you did or not, I recommend taking time now to remind yourself of what you've achieved!

What progress have you made to your other goals?

Are you happy with this progress?

If not, what could you do to improve by the next milestone?

My goals for these one hundred days were:

  • Re-read 7 Habits (I have begun re-reading and working through the questions)
  • Complete a 10K run (Up to a regular 7K run with less than three weeks to go)
  • Climb lead overhang (I've been climbing but am lacking confidence)
  • Spend 100 hours writing or editing my novel (I've actually made some minor progress this week)
  • Double my lung capacity (Having found the original quote I'm thinking it may never be possible to do more than improve my fitness - however, I'm on track for that)
  • Complete an Android application (Picked up one of my teach yourself Android manuals yesterday and read a bit. Need to block out some time to work through the code though)
I've had a lot more motivation to get on with things this week. I've also had a lot more to get on with... Going for regular runs is tiring and I don't actually feel like I've got more energy most of the time but I am managing to do more.

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