Friday, 24 August 2012

I got my number

A couple of weeks back I received my pack for the Cumbernauld 10K: welcome letter; instructions; route map; and my race number - to be pinned on my T Shirt.

This Sunday it will be only two weeks to go until the race.

I ain't gonna be racing! Much anyway.

My goal, my aim, is to complete the 10K and set a Personal Best time. Then to use that as a measure to improve against over future years.

I keep telling myself that anyway. If I stick to that plan I'm almost guaranteed to complete 10 Kilometres - the furthest I've ever run.

I ran 7.5K this morning (see below). ((Do you use any tools or apps like Endomondo to track and measure your progress to goals?)) 7.5K is my current Personal Best. It feels pretty good to have now completed three runs over 7K. It did not feel good when my alarm went off before 6AM...

Next week I'm going to try and push it up to 9K and maybe even run a practice 10K before easing up in the week before the race.

I'm trying to remember - this isn't just about September 9th. This is about establishing a regular habit of exercise. Getting up early helps a lot. It minimizes interference with the rest of the day. Starts me off knowing I've accomplished something.

I'm not at all sure how I'll feel about getting up at 6am when it is snowing outside or storm conditions (Okay, that's a lie - I know exactly how I'll feel!) but I need to establish a routine so when I don't go running or cycling a couple of times a week I will miss it.

How are you getting on with your goals?

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