Thursday, 23 August 2012

Julie Bresset led from the start

Of all the competitions I could have watched during the Olympics, women's mountain biking was not one I'd circled as a must see event.

Still, I noticed it was on and was curious - having been mountain biking for the first time this year - as to what the route was like.

I was impressed, some scary drops through and over boulders that would have likely sent me head over heels.

Other sections that reminded me of my own failed attempts to cycle without stopping over what seemed like stepping stones on a course at 7Stanes.

The course seemed to be 5K long and I must have started watching around the second of six laps. Julie Bresset of France was leading and managing a consistent 15 minutes per lap.

I was due to go out but kept watching, hoping Team GB would pull back, wondering if anyone would catch Bresset. No-one could.

Every lap she completed in the same time - 15 minutes. It was awe inspiring. To set such a strong pace and then consistently keep that pace for the rest of the race.

Her competition just kept falling back: a few seconds each lap until she had such a strong lead it was impossible for anyone to catch her.

Consistency. Determination. Strength. That is all it took to win. How many of us would benefit from a similar approach to our goals? Just keep going, day in and day out. Plugging away until the goal is finally in sight and even then refusing to stop until we have crossed the finish line.

I've given up before. Been one of those who started strong but fell back and eventually gave up.
 Julie Bresset kept going; kept her pace and won her gold medal at the 2012 Olympics. Don't give up. Find your pace at whatever you are working towards and keep going!

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