Monday, 27 August 2012

Little Miss Motivator

"Have you done your exercises this morning, Dad?"

Not everybody has a stubborn seven year old to hold them to account on a daily basis but if you don't have a daughter or son who reminds you each day to stick to the plan, there is a good chance you have a spouse or partner; a friend or colleague; even a neighbour you could ask to check up on you.

How serious are you about your goals? Do you really want to achieve them?

I know which goals I'm serious about and which I'm not. The ones I really mean business about are the ones I work on each day, or several times a week. The rest - not so much.

My phone's GPS was way off this morning. Endomondo credited me with a half marathan but in reality I made it past 9K in an hour - a new Personal Best. I would feel happier about it if I knew exactly how far I'd gone. Will have to drive the route later and check.

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