Monday, 20 August 2012

More Than Gold

Do you ever enjoy a song without really listening to the lyrics?

More than gold by Geoff Moore is one song I've enjoyed but for some reason, in over 15 years of listening to it, I've never really listened.

It was only in the lead up to the Olympics that some of the words started to stand out: "There is a torch, there is a flame..."

I had never been that interested in the flame's journey before but weeks of seeing people that I knew of, or could even have known, had made those words relevant to me.

The whole song is an Olympic story, triumph and failure, fear and hope - "the Greatest Games!"

Recorded for the 1996 Olympics I have found this song recurring in my thoughts throughout and since the 2012 Olympics finished.

Who am I competing for? Am I just in this race called life to win gold or am I in it for more?

You can view the lyrics here:

I now have this song on my running playlist. Out this morning I wondered again, why am I doing this. It's not just to achieve the goal but maybe I'm wrong in that. Maybe that is the only reason I'm out there running right now.

Why do you compete?

Who do you compete for?

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