Friday, 3 August 2012

Reset button

Day three

The reset button... used to great effect in Star Trek, TimeCop, Deja Vu and other films and T.V. shows. I felt like I had my own reset button last night. Don't go climbing for several months: go back to square one!

For months I've been telling myself I get more exercise, must write more, watch less T.V. Telling myself hasn't had any visible result.I need to act, to set a long term goal and then a daily plan to help me achieve it. This 100 days, 100 goals is in effect my long term goal.

Having finished my first read of 7 Habits I want to re-read it and work on my effectiveness. What am I aiming for? Better health, clearer purpose in my life, make time for my family, achieve a writing goal, business profitability.

I've found many times that measuring progress aids achievement. Although progress towards some of my goals is hard to measure, basic changes are likely to impact every area of my life. So, I'm going to work on and measure the following: sleep, exercise, writing. I can expand on this as I think of useful ways to measure my progress.

My key goals during this time are:
  • Re-read 7 Habits
  • Complete a 10K run
  • Climb lead overhang
  • Spend 100 hours writing or editing my novel
  • Double my lung capacity
  • Complete an Android application 
 Last night I didn't even attempt the lead overhand despite getting further up last time. That last time was almost three months ago! Simply attempting some easier routes did help my confidence but also showed me how much confidence and strength I've lost.

Though I suspect my stamina has slightly improved - even with only a couple of weeks of running and cycling. I made sure I stretched and warmed up before climbing which meant I didn't get as pumped up in my arms.

I was also able to get some advice from a friend about tackling the 10K - bonus!

Have you chosen goals to tackle over the next 100 days? Can you see ways the goals might complement each other to give you and extra boost?

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