Saturday, 4 August 2012

Taking a day off

I find weekends a constant source of frustration. A seemingly ever increasing, constantly refreshing list of household tasks that need action. I rarely spend Saturday or Sunday as I would like.

What do you do to rest? How do you manage your time to ensure you don't get burnt out?

I know I need to schedule in a day off every week. I don't always do so and pay the price for days after. The human body and mind can work without rest in the short term but I am generally more productive if I take a full day off each week

I'm trying to create a schedule that will allow sufficient rest. I went cycling today and had my first puncture after 2K. Walked back, changed out of cycling shoes and into running shoes and went for a run. GPS on my phone or Endomondo was playing up. You know something is wrong when you hear that little voice in your ear tell you you've just halved your time when you know you were running slower!

A friend has offered to train with me tomorrow. I should really give myself 48 hours between training sessions but the benefits of having a training partner outweigh the negatives.

We're only going to run a 3K and are not planning to push it but I'll need to watch we stick to the plan.

I won't be blogging on Sundays so am loading this up tonight. Hope you manage to get some rest this weekend.

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