Wednesday, 15 August 2012

The Long Walk - not the best image while running...

The Long Walk is one of those stories that can haunt you for the rest of your life. It wasn't a pleasant image to pop into my head ten minutes into my run this morning!

Long before The Hunger Games, Stephen King writing under his pseudoname Richard Bachman published a series of stories including: The Long Walk. Now available on Kindle: The Bachman Books Woo Hoo! (Well, it would be Woo Hoo if King or his publisher had not decided to remove one of the best stories from the collection - Rage. Guess there are too many disturbed young people shooting up class-rooms to make that an acceptable story any more...)

Both The Long Walk and The Running Man feature in this collection. Both are set in a future where game shows have become a way of controlling the population. A few years ago I had serious goose bumps while watching the start of the Big Brother TV show. How far off are we from a real Battle Royale?

The premise of the Long Walk is simple enough. The contestants have to walk at a steady pace of above 4 miles an hour. If they fall below that pace three times they are shot. Winner is the one who keeps walking.

It is like a lot of goals though for most people reading this - I sincerely hope there isn't a gun pointed at your head - for most people, there isn't a life threatening reason to keep going.

If you want to win though, refusing to stop is the only route to take.

Still, if there is one more lesson to take from The Long Walk - refusing to stop can have other, less appealing consequences.

I managed to jog 7K in 43 minutes this morning. A new personal best! GPS way out again but the time is accurate:

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