Tuesday, 14 August 2012

When it all goes wrong...

I planned to blog daily for 100 days but on Friday there was just too much real life to deal with.

When it all goes wrong we have choices. Giving up is not always the easy or wrong choice. If we have taken on more than we can cope with; perhaps started something we should never have begun - the difficult but right choice is to stop.

If the right choice is to continue; to persevere - then evaluating that situation is vital to understand why it has become difficult.

I've read countless times the advice to writers of regular columns to build up a store of work that can be relied on when days are difficult. I was able to do this to an extent during the first two weeks but made the mistake of not continuing the daily output and so quickly ran out of backup posts.

I also have struggled from not having a clear plan for blog posts during these 100 days. My intention was to blog about my progress towards my own goals and encourage you to set and achieve your own goals. Reviewing my original plan has been useful, vague as it was! I need to schedule in time to look at where I started, where I want to get to and how much progress I have made.

My goals for these one hundred days were:
  • Re-read 7 Habits
  • Complete a 10K run
  • Climb lead overhang
  • Spend 100 hours writing or editing my novel
  • Double my lung capacity
  • Complete an Android application
I've begun re-reading and working through 7 habits.
I'm up to jogging 5.5 Kilometers.
I've been climbing a couple of times in the last fortnight but my confidence is getting worse, not better.
I've spent no time on my novel.
I've stopped measuring my lung capacity (though am delighted with my progress coping with longer jogs.)
I've made no progress on Android programming.

What goals have you set? Have you reviewed your progress recently?

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