Wednesday, 22 August 2012

You are amazing!

Do you know how amazing you are?

At a cellular level, each individual cell in your body is more complex than the smartest computer.

What right do I have to claim this? The cells that make up your body are each capable of powering themselves, drawing in fuel as needed from their environment; your cells are capable of repairing themselves and their surrounding area; your cells can even replicate themselves!

Nothing that humanity can yet create comes close to the amazing ability in each one of the cells that make up your body. And you are made up of BILLIONS of cells!

All that complexity gets lost in the rush of our lives; overlooked because our eyes cannot see to the level of detail required. Yet even with microscopes we cannot see the full complexity contained within a single cell.

Zoom right out to you reading this blog. You are multi tasking to a phenomenal degree. Your arms, hands, fingers: dozens of muscle groups interacting together without (or if you choose - with) conscious thought to manipulate a keyboard/mouse/touch screen.

You are breathing, looking, processing images, considering, linking, filing, discarding... Perhaps while enjoying music or with one part of your brain listening to conversation or the news on TV or radio.

You have inbuilt alerts prompting you to remember to make that phone call, pay that bill. You are juggling dozens of competing priorities and goals in your thoughts while getting on with the task at hand.

You can choose to act. Or not to act. You can base your decision on your ethics, your knowledge, your experience. You can even ask for help in making a decision and then choose to reject the advice.

You are amazing!

If you are unhappy with the way things are, you can do something about it. You can improve your life, your environment, your relationships.

Even though you cannot change other people and sometimes cannot change the circumstances around you, you can choose to act in a positive way despite the things you cannot change and in so doing show yourself to be stronger than your circumstances.

You can choose to help others, work with them and in so doing, increase your potential to a phenomenal degree!

I could go on...

Take some time to remind yourself today: You are amazing!

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