Sunday, 9 September 2012

Goal 35: To run in and finish a 10 Kilometre race

I'm finding it hard to believe that I ran 10 Kilometres this morning. I'm sore and tired but that could easily be too much DIY the day before and interrupted sleep.

I think the memories are real, not just some futuristic memory implant. I have a few photos and an official record of my time...

My race number was 124 and you can view my result in the Cumbernauld 10K online.

I ran the race in 51.04 minutes - my new Personal Best! [My wife has just pointed out my chip time is faster: 50:43 - woohoo!] 242nd out of 600!

For the first time in weeks, Endomondo tracked my progress pretty well. I started Endomondo well before the start so I could tuck the phone back in my backpack and plug in my ear-phones. Then got confused towards the end when I seemed to be in line to reach 10K in sixty minutes... I was delighted to see the clock at the finish line read under 52 minutes.

Never having run or supported someone on one of these races I was astonished to see how many people were taking part.

The first Kilometre was slow as we tried to avoid bumping into each other and until we spread out. My training routes have taken me up some steeper hills from 2-3K so I found it a bit easier with a flatter route. The slopes still seemed steep though!

I tried to just keep a steady pace and although it was a struggle, I mostly managed to achieve that.

By 6K I was wondering why I wanted to do this. I'd stopped listening to my playlist and was almost on autopilot, paying more attention to the runners who kept passing me.

The Kilometre markers were really helpful, as were the volunteers who directed us and kept an eye out for anyone struggling. One lady at 7K shouted, just another ten minutes, no problem... Yeah, right. Maybe in a years time when I'm used to this!

The last 2K took us round Broadwood Loch. The path a lot rougher than the road had been. I took a bottle of water but only managed a mouthful and gave up. I haven't been drinking while on my training runs and haven't developed the knack.

The last Kilometre seemed to be a lot longer than any other. Sure they misjudged the distance. I wanted to speed up, wanted to sprint across the finish line, but could only manage to just keep on keeping on.

Great feeling seeing all the people lining the road and clapping and cheering us on. I might never be a first place athlete but I could get used to being one of the competitors.

I saw my wife and kids - it has been great to have their support - and then shuffled off to collect my t-shirt and medal. My first medal, ever. Hopefully not the last!

I wanted to develop a habit of exercising and think I may have motivated myself to keep going.

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