Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Jesus Christ!

I've found the events of the last few weeks troubling. Muslims around the world killing and burning and threatening in alleged anger at an insult to their prophet.

I freely admit I just don't get it. I watched some of the 'offending' video and while I agree it seems designed to offend Muslims with frequent references to alleged origins of their prophet, in the first few minutes I was shocked to see a portrayal of Muslims killing someone because they are a Christian. Then a church is set on fire.

I realise that the numbers of people involved in attacks and riots have been relatively small. Some of the attacks may simply be using the video as an excuse to attack America and 'The West'. Yet there are countless documented occasions prior to this video being released where Christians and people of other Faiths have been attacked by Muslims in Islamic dominated countries.

My perspective on this is that some Muslims seem to think they are a persecuted minority in the world yet these same Muslims have no qualms about persecuting the minorities living in their countries.

This offends me.

I live with people insulting Jesus Christ on a daily basis. I believe Jesus was not just a prophet but was and is the son of God and equal with God. Yet at work I hear my colleagues use his name as an expletive every single day.

I have never heard anyone in any country use the name of any other deity or prophet in the same way that the name of Jesus Christ is used.

This was forcibly brought home to me again last week when I saw Total Recall. It wasn't the first time I've seen it. I took my son last month. But I was still shocked by the ending when for no good reason, the hero swears using Jesus name as he views the devastation around him.

Jesus Christ!

I don't want to attack the American embassy. I don't want to set fire to a cinema. I don't want to beat up my friends and family and colleagues and people I hear on the street who misuse the name of my God. But I want to ask why?

Why, if you use Jesus name as I've described, do you do this? Why do you hate the name of Jesus so much? What has Jesus or anyone who follows him done to you?

Why don't you misuse the name of other Deity's or religious figures?

I have a strong faith in Jesus. I believe he lives and will return and will judge every man, woman and child for our deeds. I have no need to attack anyone for insulting the name of my God since I believe that if he feels it is necessary to hold anyone accountable, he will do it himself.

I also believe he has no desire to punish but wants everyone to listen to him, read about him in the Bible and choose to follow him. If you have never read the Bible I encourage you to read the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke or John. Read the words of Jesus. See how he acted. How he cared about the weak and the poor. See how he raged against the rich and the hypocritical. See how he healed the crippled, how he willing chose to receive punishment and death so you and I would not have to.

Jesus Christ. A name so powerful that even those who hate him cannot stop saying it. He cannot be forgotten and will return.

This is my bicentennial post. I'm past the half way mark in my 100 day challenge. Today I achieved my first 5,000 word milestone editing my novel.

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