Thursday, 6 September 2012

Novel questions

While writing the first draft of my novel I found I had a fair few questions. The NaNoWriMo way was to ignore research and plough on ahead. I made stuff up or guessed and got the draft finished. It worked well.

But, many of those questions still need answering and I've been putting off dealing with it.

Rereading the novel has helped as I've been able to make a note of all the questions. This evening I finished grouping them to make it easier to research. I really only want to visit the police once to see if they can help with my enquiries...

I'm pretty guarded about telling people too much about the novel until I'm ready to publish it. Even asking questions seems like it might give too much away at times but I've been wondering whether it might be fun to post some of the questions up on this blog.

Reality is I'm not sure where to start looking for answers.

I use online forums a lot for work. Esoteric SQL or VBA questions can often be answered with a quick Google troll. If I can't find the answer in previous posts I have posted my own question. The really weird thing is, after posting a question, I often find or figure out the answer myself.

There seems to be something about sharing a problem that makes it easier to resolve even without getting any help.

So, I'm going to post my questions here.

Any advice, answers, pointers etc. will be greatfully received!

I'm fully expecting that whatever mystical force operates to connect my problems to solutions will begin to kick into effect once the post is live. I'll update you with the answers as I find/receive them.

Election/Scottish Parliament
  • How do people register to go on ballot paper? How much does it cost?
  • Can one person go on more than one ballot?
  • What would then happen if that person was elected in more than one area?
  • How does proportional representation work in Scotland?
  • What would or could happen if a substantial majority won the vote but lost the seats?
  • What is legal process if election result is challenged?
  • How long would it take to set up the court case to challenge result?
  • What would happen if an MSP refused to swear in? Could their seat be put up for a revote?
  • What do MSPs have to swear or vow?
  • How long is it from election to swearing in?
  • Does Scottish Parliament have a speaker of the house? Who is in charge of procedure?
Scottish Courts
  • What is the procedure in Scottish courts?
  • Who speaks and when?
  • Is the court appointed by the Queen? If not then by who?
  • Who appoints the judges/sheriffs in Scotland?
  • Do they have to swear an oath or take a vow and if so what is it?
  • What authority does a judge/sheriff have?
  • How would a judge respond at being threatened?
  • Who do Scottish police officers swear their oath to?
  • What rank would desk officer be in village station?
Living on the land
  • How much land is needed to subsist? To prosper? How much would this vary across Scotland?
  • What was minimum ration during world war II?
  • What food stuffs could be grown in a Scottish garden/croft to sustain a family?
  • What EU subsidies are available?
  • How many farmers in Scotland? How many registered farmers in Scotland?
  • How big are their farms?
  • How much/Average acreage owned?
  • Most owned acerage?
  • How many with less than one hundred acres?
  • How many are currently unemployed in Scotland ?
  • How much does it cost to fund unemployed?
  • How much does it cost to fund benefits?

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