Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Without a goal motivation suffers

I could have gotten out of bed this morning but I didn't. Hogged the warmth as long as I could. After Sunday's race I'm not sure when to start training again.
I've been thinking this week about why this year I've been able to run a 10K. It's not that I haven't trained before. I've been fitter than I am now. Had better stamina. Yet I'd never run more than 5K.

Admittedly, I'd never set myself a clear target before, or given myself an unchangeable deadline.

Is that really all it takes to motivate me?

I've tried giving myself deadlines before but never actually entered myself in a competition. Competitions never interested me before but I'm starting to think they may become a useful tool in my motivation toolbox.

I don't need to run another 10K, or set a tougher target like a half marathon but if signing up for either of these motivates me to keep getting out of bed and getting the exercise I need then I'm all in.

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