Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Counting the cost...

When I'm on a roll, counting how well I'm doing only serves to boost me further. Week Two of 2013 and I'm well on track with my reduced set of goals.

I've committed to editing/writing 1,200 words a week on my novel and while I only managed 700 last week, I made up for it by producing an additional thousand in notes as I worked out how to restart the story in a way that I believed in. Now I've started, I've been able to quickly carry out a third draft on the first chapter and am now ahead of my goal.

A friend invited me on a cycle run last weekend and I'm going to count that as one of my fortnightly runs. It was slightly further than I'd expected at 13 miles and far further than I was ready for. Two thirds of the way round I slowed to a crawl, then realised that I didn't just have soft tyres, the valve on the rear tyre had blown and I was reduced to walking up hills.

I still haven't had the courage to examine the rear wheel to see if it has been damaged.

It was a good cycle though - on the best day of the year so far.

I've now submitted an application for a building warrant and am expecting to be able to begin work on a shower room in the next fortnight.

Signing out now... Are you making progress towards your goals?

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