Sunday, 17 March 2013

Redefining marriage the undemocratic way

In one of the few news broadcasts on the Government plans to redefine marriage, one image stood out: that of a young man stating that in our country we elect politicians to decide on our behalf.

Is that why you elect politicians?

I vote, not so politicians can go off and make any decision they want, but so my MP and MSP can represent my views in parliament.

The undemocratic decision to ignore responses to Government consulations on redefining marriage should make every British citizen concerned.

Without any mandate from the people; without any public discussion on whether or not we as a country want to redefine marriage, the UK and Scottish Governments are pushing for a radical change in society without considering what the long term implications will be.

The Scottish consultation ends on Wednesday 20th March 2013. To make your democratic voice heard, respond here:

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