Saturday, 25 May 2013

A response to Atheism

Getting political over the past few months I've voiced my opinion in online forums to a much greater extent.

One of the results has been a vast amount of mockery directed at me. The last period of my life when people felt free to insult, deride and dismiss me was in High School.

I've chosen to speak out for a Biblical view of the world being created and question evolutionary assumptions; speak out for male-female marriage and question same-sex marriage; speak out for the poor and disenfranchised and against corporate greed and corruption; speak out for freedom of speech and against a rising fascist liberalism which seems to demand that everything a small elite group want is permissible but no-one else is allowed to have a say or dare to question them.

I freely acknowledge my starting point and worldview: I am a follower of Christ. I believe the Bible is God's message to us. I believe much of the Bible should be taken literally while parts exist as moral storys to warn and guide us.

I came across the image below on a Google+ search and was fascinated by the simple way it shows who we are as a worldwide population.

Finding a copy of the image at a high enough resolution to share was a bit harder. Google+ does not seem to like sharing high res photos. My search went as follows:

and finally I resorted to typing the title as a straight search which got me this:

On my way I found the inspiration for the infographic and this breakdown of world beliefs:
33% Christians
22% Muslims
14% Hindus
7% Buddhists
12% people who practise other religions
12% people who would not be aligned with a religion

88% of the world population have a belief in God; Gods or some spiritual reality.

Only 12% of people do not want to be associated with any religion. Yet some Atheists feel they are justified in hating, mocking and deriding the vast majority of people - educated, intelligent, hard working people who hold no hatred towards them.

Fortunately there are many Atheists who are disgusted by the hatred towards people of religion, who understand that if you and I can live in peace and work together the world will be a better place.

But I want to even the playing field. To those Atheists who proclaim that religion is the cause of all the hatred, violence and war in the world I would like them to remember three names:

Mao Ze-Dong: responsible for the deaths of 45 Million
Stalin: responsible for the deaths of 20 Million
Pol Pot: Responsible for the deaths of 1.5 Million

In the last century Atheism has given us some of the worst genocides in the history of the world.

What else has Atheism given the world?

Atheism has given the world Nihilism - a belief there is no justification for a moral code - anything is permissible. Fortunately most of the world rejects Nihilism which in its extreme justifies murder, rape, theft and any and all crimes.

Atheism has given the world Eugenics: a belief that the "genetically weak" are worthless; are a burden on society and must be eradicated to allow the genetically pure to rule and evolve. This is prevalent in our society today with the widespread practise and promotion of abortion and euthanasia.

Christians, Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists and all who hold to a religious belief are condemned by some Atheists for mass murder and genocide. They are condemned for bigotry and closed minded beliefs. I agree that in our history, every group of people has been guilty of horrendous acts.

The reality though is that it is not religion which is the problem, it is the people of this Earth: every man woman and child has within them the capacity for good and evil... including Atheists!

It is not religion which causes people to have closed minds and bigoted beliefs, it is not religion which is the cause of hatred and murder, it is simply who we are - fallen human beings who need to work to rise above the evil our hearts and minds tempt us towards.

Next time we are tempted to accuse someone or a group of people for evil done in the past, please try and remember that we ALL are descendants of ordinary people: some of whom chose to act for good, and some who chose to act for evil.

Which will you choose today?

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