Monday, 13 May 2013

An open letter to Gregg McClymont MP

Dear Gregg,

I am writing this as an open email to be published on my blog:

I understand you will have another opportunity to discuss and vote on the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill next week.

I ask you to vote on my behalf against this bill.

Understanding that every person has their own point of view and right to have a say in this matter, I also urge you to vote for the following amendment to the bill: New Clause 9 which calls for a referendum on the redefinition of marriage. (

I have reviewed some of the other amendments which have been proposed and am horrified to read in one a plan to repeal the Marriage Act 1949:

While I recognise that Marriage legislation has changed some of the definitions of Marriage from a legal perspective over the last century, for the Government to repeal the Marriage Act of 1949 in its entirety without any public consultation or forewarning is a despicable act.

As you will be aware, the Labour party have no mandate to redefine marriage in any way. None of the electorate was informed of these plans prior to the election. The Government has no mandate to redefine the meaning of 24 million marriages.

We the people have a right to decide whether changes should be made to this vital institution. Marriage does not belong to the Government.

The Government ignored half a million legitimate responses to the consultation which stated opposition to the policy. This clearly demonstrates the consultation was a sham.

Why are supporters of the redefinition of marriage afraid of a public referendum? Why was redefining marriage not mentioned in the Queen’s speech? Why is the Government unwilling to publicise their intentions to redefine marriage?

It is deeply concerning that MPs are attempting to change the concept of marriage in such an underhand way.

Have you informed the people of Cumbernauld, Kilsyth and Kirkintilloch East of how you have voted previously to redefine marriage?

Will you be advising people through your newsletter or on your website of how you have voted and plan to vote?

Again, I ask you to vote against this bill on my behalf and for what I believe is a majority of the electorate.

Yours sincerely

Mark Smith


  1. Well done.

    A charity in New Zealand is about to lose its charitable status because it endorses the traditional view of marriage. Is what we can expect here too if a referendum on the redefinition of marriage is not supported?

  2. This is something we should all fear:

    The Government claim we will have freedom of speech but the reality is our liberty will be eroded by this so called "equality" legislation.