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Open letter to David Cameron MP

An open letter to David Cameron MP

As Prime Minister you have a responsibility to both serve and lead our country. Britain has been led by the teaching of Christ in the past and when Britain has followed the teaching of Christ and the whole law of God, Britain has prospered. You and previous Governments have tried to move Britain further and further away from the law of God and teaching of Christ and we are paying the penalty.

I urge you to turn from your wicked aims back to the law of God – the whole law of God. (1)

I have been reminded in recent weeks of parts of Gods law you may have forgotten:
  • Do not... curse the ruler of your people (2)
  • Do not give any of your children to be sacrificed (3)
  • Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman (3)
  • No-one is to approach any close relative to have sexual relations (3)
  • All these things were done by the people who lived in the land before you, and the land became defiled. And if you defile the land, it will vomit you out (3)
Blessings and curses (4) are offered up to every nation.

Blessings of prosperity: safety; peace; fear driven away; terrorists removed; victory in our battles; population growth; the blessing of God

Curses of terror; disease; blindness; lifelessness; our enemies will benefit from our hard work; our enemies will defeat us; those who hate us will rule over us; we will flee even when no-one is chasing us. But God calls on us to repent/to turn from wickedness to Him. If we do this the curses will be removed and the blessings given, if we do not, the curses get worse!

Are these blessings and curses relevant to us in Britain? We once were a prosperous and peaceful nation – when we followed God’s law. As we have turned from God’s law we have experienced the loss of blessing and the beginning of the curse. Terror and diseases are haunting many in Britain. Our enemies are prospering while we work long and hard. We are being defeated by our enemies in the battlefield. You as leaders show us on a daily basis that you hate us! You encourage us as society to be afraid of terrorism even though for the vast majority of us, there is NO danger!

The actions of your government and previous governments and our actions in following you have brought our nation under a curse. This is evident most clearly in the loss of our prosperity and the fear of terrorism that has possessed us.

By choosing a course of liberalism you have ignored a key set of warnings:

Everything is permissible – but not everything is beneficial.
Everything is permissible – but not everything is constructive. (5)

Under God’s law I am guilty. In recent months I have cursed you for the wicked laws you have passed. I ask your forgiveness and I choose to turn away from wickedness. I choose to pray for you and your government to turn from wickedness and do what is right.

I urge you to turn away from wickedness and repeal wicked laws.


Each year 200,000 children are sacrificed in the UK for the cause of liberalism. Britain has slaughtered Seven million children since abortion was made legal in 1968. We have made the Nazi’s look incompetents in the way our country has succeeded in killing innocents over such a sustained period.

Abortion is utterly incompatible with human right to life. From the moment of conception a new human life is formed – completely independent of the mother.

Why are these children killed? Your government’s statistics make for cold, heartless reading. (6) Rarely because the mother would die during birth.

Let me be clear: we as a country have failed these women; the fathers of the children killed have failed these women. Instead of providing them the support and encouragement they needed, we have turned our backs on them. We need to offer support and offer encouragement to all pregnant women. All life is precious. I have friends who suffer from the same disabilities used as justification for abortion. The lives of my friends and many others (remember the Paralympics in 2012!) prove that disability can be overcome and great things can be achieved by ALL people.

It is said as an argument for abortion that by legalising it we protect women. Would we say this about any other crime? Shall we make child molesting legal to protect older men and women? Shall we make rape legal to protect men? Shall we make murder legal to protect the murderers?

I urge you to repeal the abortion laws with the exception of where it is certain a mother would die giving birth. Let us as a country provide support to any women who feel trapped, isolated, abandoned or afraid.

Men and Women should be challenged to commit to each other before having sex; should be advised the consequence of sex is to have children; that sex is not and has never been simply for pleasure – that it has an awesome responsibility in creating children; that children are wonderful and it is a blessing to have them. We as society should provide support to every Mother and every Father.

Unlawful Sexual Relations

Your Government and previous Governments has set itself against this country and against God by seeking to encourage dangerous sexual acts.

You have lied to the British people deceiving them into thinking there is such a thing as “safe sex.” The reality is there is only a very limited situation where sex is safe and even then it is a responsibility as sex is the means by which children are created. Reading through Leviticus 18 I am horrified at how far you and Governments before you have twisted the law in recent decades. We still follow much of Leviticus 18 in our marriage laws: the assumption being that men and women will abstain from sex until they are married!

Yet you want to redefine marriage, to reduce its value and destroy its purpose. Marriage is a commitment between a man and women WHO ARE LEGALLY ENTITLED TO MARRY! There are many examples given in Leviticus of people who are NOT allowed to marry: Family members; close relatives. We are told NOT to have sex with both a mother and a daughter. Not to marry our wifes sister while our wife is alive. We are told not to commit adultery with our neighbour’s wife.

And finally, men are told not to have sex with other men and we are not to have sex with animals.

Our society has despised and belittled these laws for too long and we are reaping the consequences. Sexually transmitted diseases and infections are crippling many in society. The more we lie to people about “safe sex” the worse the situation gets! (7)

From 2002 to 2011 the following increases in sexually transmitted disease were recorded in England alone:
  • Chlamydia: a 135% increase in recorded infections! 1.3 million people infected with Chlamydia in nine years!
  • Herpes: an 81% increase in recorded infections! 225 thousand people infected with Herpes in nine years!
  • Syphilis: an 87% increase! 26 thousand people infected in nine years.
  • Anogenital Warts: only a 21% increase but 714 thousand people infected over nine years!
Millions of people in the UK are at risk of sexually transmitted diseases because you keep lying to them and telling them sex is safe. Sex is only safe between a man and woman in a long term committed and faithful relationship. Marriage is understood by the whole of society to provide a clear boundary for protecting relationships.

Yet you lie to our children, you lie to us as adults, you want to destroy the boundary of marriage which protects sexual relations between a man and a woman.

Instead of spending millions on redefining marriage I urge you to spend millions on replacing current sex education to include recommendation on abstinence from sex until you are married. This will have the result over the next ten years of dramatically reducing the numbers of sexually transmitted diseases our NHS is struggling to treat. This will be a massive saving for the economy and will have a dramatic effect on the health of the nation.

I urge you to withdraw the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill. You have no mandate to change the definitions of marriage.

In the last general election I voted Conservative. I have been a floating voter my whole life, having voted Liberal; Labour and Conservative over the years previously. I assert that Government exists at the will of the people and to serve the people. I did not give you a mandate at the last general election to redefine marriage. I guarantee that if you continue to dictate to this country what we should believe about marriage I will fight against the Conservative Party at all future elections.

Yours sincerely

Mark Anderson Smith BSc MBCS

(1) James 2 v10

(2) Exodus 22 v28

(3) Leviticus 18

(4) Leviticus 26

(5) 1 Corinthians 10 v23



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  1. Tremendous forceful letter which I pray does not fall on deaf ears.