Thursday, 23 May 2013

Turnkey Coaching

I've often wondered what it would be like to have a mentor. Someone to guide me towards my goal or goals. This week a friend on Facebook - Frank Mason - posted that he is working towards a Coaching Diploma and asked if anyone would help him achieve 100 hours of coaching practice by letting him be their coach.

I've known Frank for over fifteen years and we've made similar choices at times, choosing different routes but both aiming for clear goals.

He has set up his own company: Turnkey Coaching which you can read about on his Facebook page:

I said I would be glad to help!

I would imagine that everyones coaching needs will be different. Some people may need a lot of advice and guidance, others know what needs to happen, they just need some outside influence. Whether to ask the right questions; make a suggestion; or just listen.

For myself, I really needed someone to ask questions and then listen to the answers. My top goal for over thirty years has been to write and publish a book. The only person stopping me from doing this is myself.

I've done the first part. I have a completed manuscript. I just don't believe it is ready to publish.

Frank really helped by asking the right questions, helping me analyse what has held me back. If my number one priority is to publish a book, why am I not spending time on that?

A sense of duty and necessity which has driven me to devote long hours to work and study. I've chosen to place providing for my family first on my priority list. Yet there is also fear involved. Fear that what I've written just isn't good enough. That people will not like it. That I'm wasting my time.

That fear, at times anyway, has been enough to persuade me to concentrate on easier things; more enjoyable, more satisfying activities. Except they did not satisfy. They could not satisfy when the core driving force in my life is to tell a story.

I started well this year: meeting my weekly targets for eight or so weeks but then I got a cold; work became more pressured; crisis in the family; changing priorities... You know the sorts of things. I haven't touched my novel in three months.

Through a series of questions and discussion, Frank helped me face up to a scary but simple fact: all I really need to do is pick up where I left off. So I've made an agreement with Frank about how I'm going to tackle that. We will talk again next week and see how that is going.

This is my first experience of coaching and it is proving to be helpful.

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