Sunday, 30 June 2013

The dangers of the SNP's Marxist equality

The SNP stands for Equality. Above all else, they demand equality. Not jobs for the unemployed; not food for the hungry but equality.

The SNP do not want you to remember George Orwell's warning in Animal Farm: All are equal... but some are more equal than others.

Early this year I spent weeks of evenings and weekends responding to the Scottish Government consultation on redefining marriage. The Express online reports that 80,000 responses were received, two thirds of which were "resolutely opposed" to the concept of redefining marriage.

The SNP administration said it would disregard those views...

Think about this: In spite of a clear majority opposing them, both the Westminster and Holyrood Governments have thrown out concerned protests at changing a fundamental aspect of society. Public responses to consultations have been thrown in the bin! These same Governments have manipulated polls to hide the fact the majority of people believe Traditional Marriage is good for society.

Two thirds of voters have loudly stated they are concerned the same-sex marriage bill will reduce equality, harm diversity and criminalise law abiding citizens. Yet the SNP have chosen to disregard our views...

In any democracy, when a majority speaks, the Government listens to them. Any Government that ignores the majority of voters has become a form of dictatorship.

I was introduced to a film of KGB defector and propaganda expert Yuri Bezmenov on the lie of "equality" - you can watch an extract of this here:

The first lie of equality is that we are all equal. But we are not all equal.

Men are not equal to women. We are different. Those differences are good and the vast majority of people enjoy and celebrate those differences. We as society have created the concept of marriage to protect men and women who join together, celebrating and enjoying our differences but understanding that union of man and woman needs protection.

Adults and children are different - they are not equal. Adults have more responsibility, children do not. This is good recognizing difference and protecting those who are weaker.

There are many more aspects of our lives where we have accepted legislation which sounds good but is built on a lie: the lie of equality. I believe that every person on this planet should have the right to work, the right to earn respect, the right to contribute, regardless of gender, age, skin colour or place of birth.

However, even the word right has become abused: the reality is that we should use in its place the word responsibility! I have the responsibility to work, the responsibility to earn respect, the responsibility to contribute!

If you also demonstrate that responsibility then you and I can get along.

Equality however is not about responsibility - it is all about rights!

There are many great evils being enacted by our politicians in the UK: National Debt increasing past £1.3 Trillion; unemployment at 2.5 Million; voters being consistently ignored by politicians; The poor being hounded and accused by rich politicians; and redefining marriage without the consent of the people.

My Goal 89 is: To change laws for the better.

Politicians want us to believe redefining marriage will be a change for the better. Yet marriage is about boundaries, about setting two people apart from society to the exclusion of all others and one of the scariest parts of their proposed legislation is the discarding of this concept. Politicians want us to believe that adultery is no longer a problem despite the universal hurt and destruction to relationships adultery causes.

Already we are seeing increasing numbers of people being fired; demoted; or undergoing disciplinary proceedings at their work, simply because they hold an opinion. George Orwell would have been horrified at the way our society has accepted Government's double speak - saying one thing while meaning another.

What does the SNP vision of equality really look like? The SNP vision is of a totalitarian state where individuals are forbidden from voicing any opinions that disagree with the rich elite. This will be the new Scotland. This will be a free Scotland - where anyone can do whatever they want as long as they only do what the SNP allows them to do. By bringing the same-sex marriage legislation under equality law, anyone who voices disagreement will be prosecuted.

There are many ways the SNP could avoid harming Scottish society even with this legislation yet they seem dead set on dividing the Nation. By ignoring the responses to two previous consultations the SNP have sent a clear message they refuse to listen to the people of Scotland.

If this is the Scotland you want - all you need to do is nothing. The SNP will walk all over you and in years to come when they are stamping on your face with their hob nailed boots you can thank them for the wonderful equality they have given you.

I choose to make a stand against the SNP now and all who support them in trying to take away our liberty and freedom.

I encourage you to support organizations like The Christian Institute; Scotland for Marriage; and The Coalition for Marriage who are fighting to make your voice heard.

It is past time for we the people to take a stand against those in Government who insist on dictating how we should live.

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