Saturday, 31 August 2013

No 1. Best Seller in Do-It-Yourself!

Wow! There is nothing like experience to ram a point home. For years now I've been reading Joe Konrath's blog: A Newbie's Guide to Publishing and he has talked about his experience of experimenting with different prices for his eBooks; special offers; and free pricing - all to see what has the best sales results for one book and overall.

His conclusion is that offering one eBook for free can result in enormous interest in your work which then goes onto have a positive sales impact on your other books.

I have only published one book but already my eyes have been opened.

I'm currently sitting at number one in the two categories I selected for my eBook: 10 Plumbing tips to save you time and money
  • #1 in Kindle Store - Books - Home and Garden - How-to and Home Improvements - Plumbing and Household Automation
  •  #1 in Kindle Store - Books - Home and Garden - How-to and Home Improvements - Do-It-Yourself

This is only in the free category of course but even so, it is quite amazing to go to number one within 24 hours of release:

Not only that but I've actually given away over 300 copies! Three hundred people have downloaded my book. Okay, so I made no money but think about what might happen if you published a few short high quality eBooks on a similar topic and gave one away? If you managed to give away 300 copies, that could be 300 people interested in seeing if you had any more books out there...

Colour me excited!

A huge thank you to everyone who downloaded my eBook! I have learnt so much through taking part in Joe Konrath's 8 hour eBook challenge:
  • Producing a short high quality eBook can interest people in downloading your book.
  • Using free special offers can generate a lot of interest.
  • It isn't that hard to publish an eBook.
  • I will need to spend more time on editing and formatting next time...

Also, a kind person on Joe's blog gave this tip which I'll repeat here. If you analyse the url for my eBook:

The bit in the middle can be anything you want... Remove it:

Change it to something completely different:

Or even snub the author...

Copying and pasting all of the above links will take you to my eBook, only free now for a very short time...

Friday, 30 August 2013

Publishing a book in 8 hours

It's 06:44 on 30th August 2013 and I've just published a book in 8 hours!

I haven't been up all night but I've had less sleep than I intended. Turns out that once you publish a book to Amazon it can take up to twelve hours for the book to become available. Ah well, that's all part of the learning process...

I was taking part in a spur of the moment competition organised by Joe Konrath who writes the A Newbie's Guide to Publishing blog and has published dozens of books through both legacy publishers and independently. His 8 Hour EBook Challenge was a revelation (he actually published several eBooks in just over one hour each). The knowledge that it was THAT easy to publish an eBook gave me the motivation to give it a go.

I actually worked on three eBooks this week: a brand new one that I had second thoughts about - How I doubled my income. I wasn't sure if I was ready to give up too many financial details. Also I've been working on another book but I'm not ready to share that one just yet and it would probably have taken me over the 8 hour challenge.

But for the last fortnight I've been working on Goal 41: To install a shower downstairs and decorate room and wondering if there is anyway I could recoup some of my lost time...

Just before Joe published his challenge I came across a Facebook Advert for How To Write a Book This Weekend. That was challenging enough! Between one and eight hours seemed insane and definitely worth a go!

I'd been taking pictures of the project as I went along and after reading How To Write a Book This Weekend was already wondering about putting together a lessons learnt from plumbing eBook.

Yesterday I decided to put it all together. My 8 hours worked out as follows:
30 minutes taking photos
4 hours writing the book
1 hour editing
1 hour formatting
30 minutes creating the cover (all my own work :)
1 hour getting set up on Amazon's KDP program (included a call to my bank for my IBAN and BIC codes)

I published the book, by Joe's deadline of midnight 29th August, only to find my eBook was stuck in review and it could take Amazon up to 12 hours to release it... Aaargh!

I did contemplate staying up all night and emailing him the published link as soon as I got notified but managed to decide sleep was more important.

A huge thank you to Joe for giving me the motivation to get on and publish something!

My own tale of plumbing highs and lows is now live around the world.



and other territories...

Of the whole process I found formatting and setting up my Amazon account the hardest. The latter is a single time process though each eBook does need setting up.

It is ridiculously easy. So much so that I can see why some people get frustrated with the lack of quality of eBooks. I have to say that on first inspection I plan to release a second edition soon - just to adjust the formatting. Also, the pricing is weird. I set the UK edition to £0.99 but it has been released at £1.02 (is this because Amazon want to be able to offer at a discount later?)

Regardless, I've set the eBook to be free today - 30th August 2013. Please download and send me any feedback. Even better, why not review my eBook on Amazon!

I've not completed either Goal 41 or Goal 100: To publish Fallen Warriors but after this week I am a whole lot closer to both goals!