Monday, 30 September 2013

Little by little...

It has been a month since I published my first eBook: 10 Plumbing tips to save you time and money

During this time I've managed to avoid blogging as I've concentrated on writing my novel; almost finished working on our new shower room; and sent out a couple of dozen job applications.

But I've been checking sales of my eBook as the month went on, at first daily but later weekly as the sales failed to come pouring in... ;)

Realistically, I had very low hopes. An eBook written and published in a day? Was I ever going to be a best seller?

However, the few sales I have had have been encouraging. Apart from the 300 free downloads on day one, I sold one eBook before August ended. Since then I've consistently sold one eBook each week and last week I sold three!

Not quite enough to pay for a coffee but, for a book that's only been "advertised" on this blog and in the comments section of Joe Konrath's blog, I think it's doing rather well.

What if I sold one book a week for the next ten years...?

The above sales were all through grossing me $0.35 a time. Times 52 that gives me $18.20. Convert that into real money... Call it £11 a year. In ten years this fun little eBook could make me over £100.

Sure, I'll have to pay taxes on that but even then I'm looking at around £90.

That's exciting, not because I'll make £90 over ten years but because by the end of this month I hope to publish another two books, both of which will be much longer and hopefully more saleable.

If I don't have a job by the end of this month I plan to also have completed my novel, something I now believe is within reach. The novel will take longer to get to a publishable stage but once released I'm expecting far better sales than for 10 Plumbing tips...

I've still got a lot to learn about self publishing. One thing I only discovered this evening, the royalty report Amazon displays when you load it up only shows I needed to change a drop down to see sales in other regions! 310 free downloads 7 sales 30 free downloads 1 sale 7 free downloads 0 sales 0 free downloads 0 sales 3 free downloads 0 sales 3 free downloads 0 sales 0 free downloads 0 sales 1 free downloads 0 sales 8 free downloads 0 sales 0 free downloads 0 sales 2 free downloads 0 sales

So that is a total of 8 sales in the first month and 364 free downloads!

I don't know why my book has been downloaded in Mexico but not France or Japan... Maybe I need to add a section on my singing toilet...

I've also now got enough material  to publish a sequel to 10 Plumbing tips! I don't know if I'll ever have enough books on sale to make a living but I believe that supplementing my income is a real possibility.

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