Sunday, 22 June 2014

BBC cover up

When the most powerful news reporting organisation in the UK appears to deliberately ignore peaceful protest and refuses to report it, I get worried.

My Facebook feed this morning contained this short clip about the BBC hanging up on a member of the public (we're all members of the public when it comes to paying the licence fee!) -

Okay, technically, they didn't hang up, they just redirected to a line that wasn't answered.

The peaceful march was reported in The Guardian and on Why not on the BBC?

In fact, when I searched the BBC, ironically the only mention was under the Elsewhere on the web feed:

I have to wonder if this is just an automated spider script that hasn't been adjusted to hide reports of public discontent with the UK government.

Why doesn't the BBC want to report that 50,000 people reject the Coalition government austerity measures? Is it because many millions more of us also reject those painful, brutal measures that punish the poorest while allowing that same Coalition government to offer tax breaks to the rich?

Is it because the BBC is not - and maybe never has been - an honest, impartial, public service?

Is it because the government have put pressure on the BBC to avoid reports of UK discontent and only report on wars in Syria, Iraq and elsewhere - hoping to cause a fear of similar outbreaks of civil war starting in the UK?

Or are the BBC actually just incompetent?

I decided to have a go myself since the clip above only showed an attempt to call the London desk of the BBC. It's a big organisation. Many news desks, surely one of them will answer... Right?

At this point it turns surreal. Getting a phone number to call the BBC off their website is rather tricky. They're happy for you to email or tweet or fill in an online form, all of which could be conveniently lost. But a phone number...

Here's what I get when I click on the Daily & Sunday Politics link:

Other links have more options to email.

I give up. I've made a formal complaint to the BBC about their lack of reporting on this news story. If you believe the BBC should be reporting on peaceful anti-austerity protests, you can complain here:

This one issue could be enough to push me over the edge and stop paying the TV licence. How do you feel about it?

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