Monday, 9 June 2014

I am a writer

Back in 2009 I wrote I wanted to be a writer. Not any great secret. I've been telling people that since I was eight years old. Almost five years on and a couple of hundred blog posts later and this goal is still one of my top priorities.

If you scan back over the blog you'll notice I've not posted at all in four months. Hardly at all in the months before that. But I have been writing.

I realised in 2009 that my original list of 100 goals had ten devoted to writing:

1    To write an enjoyable, bestselling novel
2    To change and influence people through my writing
7    To write and sell a screenplay
36    To have written 50,000 words for my novel by 31st December 2009
37    To write characters that people can identify with
38    To create emotional connections with readers
81    To direct a movie
83    To own the screenplay rights to successful novels
84    To earn a living as a writer
100    To publish Fallen Warriors

I'm nothing if not ambitious...

By the end of this week I plan to achieve a major goal, to publish my first novel: The Great Scottish Land Grab.

I've still a fair bit of work to do and most of it connected to the administrative side of publishing: tax planning; ISBNs; licencing etc. etc...

I don't have a fixed publish date (though I have an internal deadline.) If the book is ready to go I'll upload it and press publish.

Whether I achieve some of the more subjective goals on the list above (like creating emotional connections) will be for you to decide. I'd love to hear what you think.

I'm going to achieve my goal. If you want to achieve your goals, you can.

There's nothing magical, nothing secret about achieving goals. You set them and preferably write them down.

Work out what you'll need to do to achieve them. Set yourself targets - the easier and closer together the better. For me as a writer, a daily word count works really well.

Experiment. Try different things to see what motivates you best. I've gone from writing 100 words a day to 2,300 a day to 500 words a day. All have helped me at different times.

Be willing to fail. I've rewritten parts of this novel several times and ditched entire chapters. I believe the story is better as a result.

Don't give up! It's taken most of my life to get to this point and I believe there are greater things ahead.

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