Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Marketing mad

I'm thinking I have to be more than a little bit crazy to attempt to write three books and market them over one summer.

I finished emailing all 128 MSPs last night, asking for their feedback and offering them a free proof copy of the first book. Had several dozen auto replies from some telling me they could only deal with matters relating to their constituents. I do sympathise with MSPs, I assume all are incredibly busy. A couple have replied and have been sent their copies. Hopefully many others will do the same.

I now have an author Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/my100goals. I couldn't believe that address was still available!

Several of you have suggested sites I can promote the book on and given other helpful ideas, thank you! All suggestions will be gratefully received!

I've started contacting radio stations and newspapers. Emailed the BBC. Will contact the other networks as the week goes on.

I've got some ideas for guerrilla marketing of The Great Scottish Land Grab. Or should that be gorilla marketing ;)

If you would be willing to help with some subtle promotion, let me know through landgrab at tajikweb com

I'm now up to two reviews on Amazon: The Great Scottish Land Grab. Please consider reviewing the book. Love it or hate it it will help me as I need a minimum number of reviews before book bloggers will be willing to consider promoting it.

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