Wednesday, 23 July 2014

My #indy journey - 57 days to go

As I travel round Scotland (and the UK) promoting my Scottish Independence novel, I'm meeting hundreds of people with their own stories.

This morning I fly South (I'm writing this from the airport ) and needed a taxi to get to Glasgow Airport.

Before we reached the airport I "casually" mentioned I'd published a novel. This led onto the inevitable question: which way am I planning to vote?

I shared that I'm a marginal Yes which allowed me to follow up with: How about you?

Taxi drivers are sometimes wary of professing strong opinions but with only two options on the table and with the subject breached, he shared he was - as he put it - coming round to Alex Salmond's view.

I wish I'd mentioned my novel earlier. He was as keen to quiz me on my views about independence as I was to find out his.

There is a desire in many Scots to discuss our future. Long may that desire continue!

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