Tuesday, 29 July 2014

The Great Scottish Land Grab Book Two published!

What a ride!

Book two of The Great Scottish Land Grab went live on Amazon Kindle today:

The First Minister is missing... Scotland is divided… The referendum is in crisis...

Only one man has a vision for Scotland that could unite both sides in the independence debate.

News that the First Minister of Scotland is missing, with only four months until the referendum on Scottish independence, challenges Robert Castle to decide whether he will fight for Scotland’s future.

Sensing that the theft of Scotland’s land over many centuries has robbed the people of their opportunity to be independent, Castle fights for a modern day land grab - to reverse the clearances that stole Scotland’s land from the people.

But if the First Minister is not found, it will not just be the referendum at stake but the government of Scotland.

Will Castle’s determination to win this battle drive him and his wife apart? Will it cost him more than he can bear to lose?

Praise for book one of The Great Scottish Land Grab:

“Power to the people! I would recommend this to anyone with an interest in current events in Scotland, though I know a fair few who would be shouting at the screen. Look forward to the next instalment if only to find out what he has done to Eck”

“Great debut story! Really enjoyed this story and can’t wait for the second part. Left readers with a real cliff hanger of an ending. Whether you intend to vote yes, no or couldn't care less this book will be of interest.”

“Can't wait until the next book is issued in July!”

The final book will be released in August 2014

Now available worldwide in the following Kindle stores:

Also, I've finally released book one in an ePub format. You can buy book one from Lulu.com. Hopefully over the next fortnight Lulu will distribute book one to Apple, Kobo and Nook.

Book two will be released in ePub in August. I need to check with Neilsen about using the ISBN before I release it

I've already had one review of book two on a friend's Facebook page: "Thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm fascinated by the history and politics behind the Scottish referendum, and interested to see what happens, both in the real referendum and in Book 3. I did suggest to the author that he sends the hero to Southern Africa to research how not to do land redistribution I wonder if he'll take my advice?"

I'm now starting to wonder if that would be a twist in the tale worth following...

Book three is starting to take shape but I've still a lot of writing to do. I'm not likely to be blogging much over August but I will still be using TwitFace - as my wife lovingly refers to it. You can follow me @my100goals

I'd love to hear your feedback on book two. Comment below, on Amazon, Lulu, my Facebook page... Or just stop me on the street!

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