Saturday, 2 August 2014

AJCWordsmith - A name in vain

a name in vain
profane and vulgar-
yet I sit while you sin

MY Lord's Name
carries weight and strength-
it carries my soul

His name is no trite obscenity-
speak those two words with joy
and know power eternal

By Alexander Cunningham

It's not often as a blogger that someone says a blog post has inspired them to write a poem. Absolutely fantastic to read the powerful result.

I introduced myself to a new Facebook group - Christian Bloggers UK - last week, shared one of my posts from 2012 and within a day Alexander Cunningham had contacted me with the above poem.

You can view Alexander Cunningham's Facebook page here:

Alexander has been asking people for three words which he has been using to write a linked, three verse haiku. If you'd like to help him with his project, contact him at his Facebook page:

I couldn't copy and paste the text giving the full explanation of the project but (as I TwitFaced last week) fortunately my daughter has shown me how to take screenshots:

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