Friday, 12 September 2014

A recipe for Democracy!

Goal achieved!

Somewhere back around 2007 I set myself three impossible goals to achieve before I turned 40. You can read about them on my list of my 100 goals. I wrote the first draft of The Great Scottish Land Grab in 2011 as part of NaNoWriMo and considered the goal achieved. I always felt like I'd cheated though as the real goal was to publish a book - even though I had only said write one.

Today that goal is fully achieved: The last part of The Great Scottish Land Grab has been published on Amazon!

Book 3 went live this morning:

A recipe for democracy…

“We’ve said all along that the fight for Scotland does not end with the referendum, well it doesn’t end with this election either. Scotland has voted for a Land Grab and Scotland is going to get one!”

With these words, Robert Castle declares war on all who would oppose him as he seeks to overturn the injustice of the Highland Clearances.

A victory has been won but many will fight to retain their power and their property. Can Castle and his Café Politics win the struggle or could Scotland descend into civil war?

Helen Castle has sacrificed much to support her husband but as the pressure mounts, will she have to sacrifice her last dream?

Irene Newlands has only known poverty. When a stranger appears on her doorstep, how will she cope when he threatens to take away the little she has?

Imagine a country without politicians, a country governed by the people, for the people. The Great Scottish Land Grab is a vision of democracy. A blueprint for a future Scotland.

Praise for The Great Scottish Land Grab:

“The first book left me intrigued - the second one has left me excited! Mark Anderson Smith has set up a scenario that seems totally implausible but he manages to make it wholly believable. I think there is discontent generally with political life across all of Great Britain and the idea of another way is very attractive. I love the concept of voting for new policies with your mobile phone just as you would for your X Factor favourite! Really looking forward to book three!” J Kluver

“What a great follow up to book one, particularly enjoyed the cafe politics that allows people to have a say as opposed to not being listened to by politicians (sound familiar), just a pity it's fiction…” A Welsh

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