Thursday, 4 September 2014

Cover design by David MacKenzie

Talking to random strangers over the past few weeks - as you do when you're selling your novel - I've had some useful feedback on my novel's book cover. Here's the original image for book 1:

One person said they didn't read non fiction. Another said you'll be voting No then...

Neither of these is the impression I wanted people to have looking at the cover.

I'm beginning to detest the saying "Never judge a book by its cover." Every single person I've offered my Great Scottish Land Grab business cards to over the past two months - over 600 people - has made a judgement. Some have been immediately interested, others turned off, whether by the photo cover or the title.

I judge books by their covers and have been wondering whether I needed to get a professional in.

Enter David MacKenzie ( He designed the logo for my company: Goal 31 Ltd and I absolutely love it:

I could have gone to many different cover designers

but I had such a good experience working with David to design the logo that I wanted to go back to him.

He's now drafted four simple designs based on an idea I gave him. My rough sketch was of a coffee cup with steam rising out with the book title in the steam. Here are his initial layouts (as he's said, these are rough drafts) at postage stamp size - which is how most people will see the novel initially on Amazon/iBookStore/Lulu:

I'd love to hear which you like best and why.

I've already had some fascinating feedback and will be writing that up in a later post.

Larger images are below.

And in case you're wondering - that is a Cafe Politics logo on the coffee cup... If you don't know what that means, you'll have to buy book two!

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