Friday, 28 November 2014

Crazy Idea 15 - Require all companies operating in the UK to have a head office in the UK

Again and again when you read or hear news about companies avoiding paying tax we hear they have a head office outside the UK, usually in a tax haven somewhere.

It doesn’t matter where the head office is based (Luxembourg, Ireland, Bermuda...), if it allows the company to take all its profits from the UK and avoid paying tax where it generates those profits, the head office is in the wrong place. (CI015A)

The UK Government can and should demand that all companies operating in the UK have a head office here that is responsible for paying tax.

If we seriously want to fix the economy, we have to ensure that profits are not siphoned off out of the UK.

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Why should my crazy ideas have any relevance to the economy? I'm the author of The Great Scottish Land Grab, a novel that imagines a fairer future for Scotland where the poor are empowered to change their destiny. I'm director of my own limited company: Goal 31 Ltd and I've over seven years experience working for government and financial organisations. Also, just like you, I'm a taxpayer and for some crazy reason I think that entitles us to have an opinion and for that opinion to be acted on by the government.

As I wrote at the start, I am making my 100 crazy ideas freely available. It seems unjust to propose ideas to fix the economy and then prevent people from freely reading those ideas. 100 Crazy Ideas to Fix the Economy will be published once the craziness is complete.

I can be found on Twitter: @my100goals or on Facebook: There's a short bio here.

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