Saturday, 22 November 2014

My 100 Goals on the Radio

 I love listening to radio. In keeping with My 100 Goals, my tastes are quite eclectic. My first memories are of Radio 2 where I received a mix of songs from the Beatles to the Beach Boys, Marley to Motown.

I went through a Radio 1 phase but actually ended up preferring the greater mix of artists and decades that Radio 2 provided.

For several years I only listened to Radio 4. The Today programme through Women's Hour to The Archers with Old Harry's Game to round off the evening.

There have been many independent stations that I've enjoyed and currently one of my locals is Revival FM.

I've now been interviewed by Julien Crispin on Revival FM three times since Summer 2014. Being on radio was never on my list of 100 goals but for any author trying to market their books it's a wonderful opportunity. If you're trying to market a book or product or service, give your local station a call. See if you can find an angle that they'd find of interest to the local community and they might just invite you on.

Revival FM have kindly given me the recordings of the three shows so if you'd like to hear me on the radio, click on the links below:

The Great Scottish Land Grab - Interview by Jules Crispin on Revival FM 15 August 2014.

Scottish Independence Debate - Referendum Debate between Mark Smith for Yes and Gordon Anderson for No from 16 September 2014.

100 Crazy Ideas to Fix The Economy - Interview on Revival FM's Drivetime show with Julien Crispin.

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