Wednesday, 26 November 2014

The Stupid Movie Blog Tour - Office Space

Taking a break from fixing the economy today thanks to Deb Nam-Krane from the Written by Deb blog who invited me to join her Stupid Movie Blog Tour.

[There will be spoilers!]

Those who know me will know I'm fairly serious most of the time. Those who know me well will know that I occassionally can let my guard down and enjoy daftness.

As a contractor I'm usually not around long enough in one work place to feel like I can let my guard down. yet workplaces are often daft places to be. We sometimes find ourselves ordered to do things that just don't make sense. See senior managers steer companies in directions that a sane person would question but it is often career suicide to question why.

Companies sometimes thrive in spite of the people that lead them. And the people that work for them, truth be told. There have been successful films and series based in the workplace but I can't believe that I'd not heard of Office Space until this year.

Friends had been running with high popularity for four years yet Jennifer Aniston only ranked fourth credit (at least on the DVD). I'd never heard of most of the other actors except, now I come to think of it...

That Milton character seems familiar... Turns out Stephen Root is described by IMDB as "One of the most prolific character actors working today." He's my favourite character from Office Space and now I know who he is and films/series I've seen him in (24; The Lone Ranger), or heard his voice in (Toy Story; Ice Age), I highly rate him and now I know why he ranked second credit.

And then there was the first Bob... John C. McGinley was classic as a consultant brought in to "Transform" the company.

I initially struggled to think of a movie to write about. A stupid movie? Why would I watch a stupid movie? It's the wrong word for me. Silly, maybe. Fun, definitely. Funny, absolutely.

I started thinking back. Young Frankenstein had me in hysterics as a teenager. The Man with Two Brains not so much - though that definitely strikes me as a "stupid movie." Police Academy I saw when I was fourteen. Watched on VHS in secret when parents were out of the house. It was the perfect age to watch such a wonderfully stupid movie. I don't think I've ever laughed as hard since. Yet I've seen none of these films since.

I wondered about using Muriel's Wedding: one of my favourite films. "Are you black?"

Then there's the stupid movie that I mentioned at a job interview once. Not your regular kind of job interview... I was interviewing to become a missionary and yes, they do get interviewed...

This particular organisation brought a batch of us hopeful's together for a weekend retreat, sometime in 1997. A chance to share their vision and get to know us. You've probably been to many job interviews. Imagine a whole weekend of acting on your best behaviour. I would imagine that its very difficult to hide from constant scrutiny for that length of time. Especially since most of us were couples with children in tow...

Being interviewed with your family right there, all day, every day kind of has a way of exposing who you really are.

We had individual interviews during the weekend. I hadn't gone there with any intention to deceive and so when asked straight questions, I gave straight answers.

"How do you deal with stress?"

"I get stressed..."

Not my best answer to an interview question. Not my worst either. I followed it up though. Told them what I do to mitigate stress, how I recognise when I'm stressed.

Then there were the group sessions. Applying to this Christian organisation were many devout believers. And me. If you've read the back history of this blog you'll know I'm a follower of Jesus.

So, there we were. We were all being asked to share about ourselves and one of the "ice-breakers" was - "What is your favourite movie?"

Answers round the room included Jesus of Nazereth, The Cross and the Switchblade, The Hiding Place. All perfectly respectable answers to convince the powers that be of ones devoutness. Then it was my turn. 1997. I'd certainly seen all those other movies. Highly rated them too. But my favourite movie?

I struggle when put on the spot, especially in interviews. I'm too analytical. What kind of favourite movie? What category? What year? But, I had seen one movie that year that I'd rated.

My answer? The Full Monty

It certainly broke the ice. And all of that honesty didn't hurt my prospects. I was accepted to join.

I think it's safe to say my movie tastes are eclectic. Try and put me in a box and I'll turn it into a hobbit hole.

But, if you're looking for a stupid movie to enjoy this weekend, I'd recommend Office Space.

Want some other recommendations for stupid movies to enjoy, check out Deb's Stupid Movie Blog Tour.


  1. I LOVE Office Space!!!

  2. Root and McGinley were the reasons I watched News Radio and Scrubs, respectively. Evidently I need to see this!

    And FTR, every time I watch Once Upon A Time right now and see Rumpelstilskin, I'm all, dude, you're not scary, you were in The Full Monty!

    1. I was never a fan of Scrubs but McGinley was excellent there. The intensity of his character was perfect. Makes me think of Hal from Malcolm in The Middle now... I can't think of another actor who does stupid better than Bryan Cranston!