Monday, 12 January 2015

Flood and Fire

We were out over the weekend and came back to find the front of our house flooded again. A short burst of torrential rain and the drains were unable to cope:

A couple of years ago many parts of Cumbernauld were flooded during a freak rain storm, our house included. The council did clear the drains afterwards and that helped but did not stop flooding completely.

Our neighbour was out digging a trench and I hurried to join him. Tree roots were hindering him and I took an axe and saw with me. After two minutes I was covered in mud as I'd attempted to chop at roots which were under water. (Friendly advice: use a saw if trying to cut a root that's under water!)

It took several hours but we dug a trench on the common land which allowed the worst of the water to drain down the hill.

The picture below shows the view from our side of the fence after the water had cleared. The slope down to our houses runs down to the fence and on the other side is land of uncertain ownership - possibly owned by North Lanarkshire Council.

The land rises to a full 12 inches higher than the lowest point of the courtyard outside our house and an inch or so above the point where water can start to flood through our door.

The experience reminded me of the need to clarify who owns the land; gain planning permission to install a suitable field drain; and chase the council up to clear the drains again.

Not how I'd planned to spend part of my weekend but life throws curve balls...

Like this morning. I'd arranged to meet someone at 10 AM. I turned up on time but as I drove into the car park underneath Cumbernauld town centre, I saw dark smoke billowing from a car.

I stopped, checked no-one was in it then called 999.  Some other men came over and found a fire extinguisher but the fire appeared to be underneath and inside the engine.

I was now late, but could hear the fire engine on the way. I had to move my car out of the way and left the men who were able to direct the fire engine when it arrived. It was clear the car was going to be a right off:

Not good for the owner...

I had committed to posting one crazy idea to fix the economy every day, but as it is taking me longer to research the posts I'm struggling to meet this commitment. I only managed two last week and am conscious that I'd made a previous commitment last year to spend more time with my family. I keep getting too caught up in the writing.

I'm currently between contracts and if I'm able to, I will post daily but as a minimum I will scale back to one post a week from now on.

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